Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finishing My Project

         I kind of gave up on my project. In the beginning, I was hoping to have a lot if videos and to put them online somehow for people to actually look at and use for a good purpose, but I didn't realize how much planning and time these videos take until Ileen and I started making the first one. The truth is, I didn't have time in school to work on them because of work in all of my other classes, but I did have time at home. Of course, I couldn't work with my partner, Ileen, but I still could've made some myself. So, that made me realize that I wasn't as passionate about the videos as I thought I was.
         Although, this has helped me realize that I would like to become a math teacher. This project has taught me to be responsible, mature, professional, and how to manage my time wisely, which are all qualities that a teacher should have. This has also helped me realize that I really enjoy learning math, and helping people in my class who struggle with it.
         Technology was a big part of this project for us. Ileen  and I wanted to find something to record us while simultaneously allowing us to draw out what we were explaining, so that we could connect to visual and verbal learners with the same video. We had a hard time finding something that suits us, but then found a great app called educreations. The only thing bad about it is that we were not allowed to cut something out if we messed up, we would have to start all over. Although I would rather explain something face to face, this is a good way to explain something to a large number of people. Fortunately enough, we were able to create one video that this link leads to. You will need to download the app if you are not watching it on a computer.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Information of my Passion

I am writing an informational piece about how to continue with my passion later in life. With my passion of math, and my goal to help others, I could become a math teacher. The information that I have collected to include in my writing could help others with the same passion as I have. Even if someone does not have this exact passion, but is interested in the teaching career, then this would be very helpful to them too. I've researched what the salary is for a math teacher, what it takes to be a math teacher, what math teachers do, and other things of that nature. This project, and the work that comes along with it, has helped me realize that I actually do want to be a math teacher when I  grow up.
Unfortunately, my partner and I were unable to produce any videos since the first one we created, due to other homework from different classes. We want to create these videos, but they are very time consuming because of the preparation, and we, as freshman in high school, just aren't able to have that time that we need to create these videos. I hope to create some videos before this project is officially over.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Career Choice

A career to help me peruse my passion of math would be to become a math teacher. I researched a couple questions I had pertaining to this career and found the following information. The average salary for this job is about 39,000 dollars.  Know that's not a lot, but if I'm doing something that I enjoy doing, then it doesn't really matter to me. I also found that different schools look for different things in a teacher, but they are all looking for someone who has a good attitude, and have enthusiasm for that school. There is also a website to find the perfect college, but I don't really know which colleges are right for me yet. Here's a link to this website.  https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/college-search

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Most Important Lesson


So far through my 20 time project I've learned a very important lesson. That lesson is to always give you best effort at everything you do. This is a very important lesson because if you don't, then it not only hurts your bad habits, but it also hurts anyone involved with what your doing, because bad actions lead to bad consequences.
This will hep me with my project because I need to give very informative videos, so that people can understand everything I'm saying, and that won't happen if I don't give my best effort. In other classes  I want to get good grades, so that I can get into a good college, so that I can be a good math teacher at a good school, hopefully. But I can't do any of that without giving my best effort throughout my entire life. So, that's why this is the most important lesson I've learned for myself.

Here's my bifold that I used during pitch day to present my project.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch day

We presented our project to the school administrators and our classmates' parents, and I was very nervous, but as I was presenting to the first couple people, that nervousness melted away slowly. I was glad to have a partner because she could always pick up from wherever I forgot information. The first person we presented to was an administrator, whoch was who I was most nervous to present to, but it was a good presentation. We got great feedback from everyone and also some good ideas that we will consider throughout this project.

In the Process

So far my partner and I have gotten the information we need to start creating the videos! We've spoken with our math coach on how to make the videos so that they will not bore people and so that everyone can learn from them, because not everyone learns the same way. We have also each spoken with our math teachers from last year, who have taught us algebra, asking about what concepts for which we should make the videos. We have also figured out that we will be making the videos on educreations, an app that lets you draw on a whiteboard and records anything you want to say, so that we can have a visual, and a verbal explanation at the same time. This information will help us organize what information to relay and how to relay that information in our videos.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contacting the Authority

The Authority that my partner and I contacted was my schools math coach. We were trying to figure out what concepts in which students were having trouble, so we that we knew for what concepts we should focus the most on in our videos. we contacted her by her school email, and she has replied back to us. She said that she would be more than happy to help us, but the time that we asked her to meet us could not work, and she suggested another time, which then couldn't work for us.

We understand that she is a busy person, and the only problem with not meeting her soon enough is that we need to start creating our videos, but we need to talk to her in order to know for what to make videos. What I can do to solve this problem is email another math teacher who possibly knows the information I am looking for.